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From the slippery sedimentary rocks at the Smoky Mountains…

Smoky mountain-min

to the rocky and arid paths at Joshua Tree.

Joshua Trees

From the majestic waterfalls in Costa Rica…

Waterfall at Costa Rica

to the fascinating slopes of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyond

From the captivating waters of Hawaii…

Hawaii beach

to the unique natural creations of Arches National Park.

Arches National Park

And from all the other trails around the world! It is nature, not man’s creation, that brings that beauty!

And to fully enjoy its graceful beauty, tremendous spirit, you must breathe deep and feel through your skin, listen with your ears, touch with your hands and taste with your tongue. And to do that, you have to walk on your own!

Hiking trips will be a great choice! From Your Trails was created with a mission to help you do just that! No fuss – just useful and interesting tips!

We are a team of engineers, bachelors, students, writers,… from all walks of life and from all over the world! And the only thing we have in common is our passion for nature, and the sport of hiking brings us all together!

What gear will you need to make your journey? What skills do you need to prepare? What are the most beautiful roads in the world? You will find all of them in From The Trails!

Bird in the jungle

Our vision doesn’t just stop at online advice, we want to create a strong community of hikers, bring real experiences and share heart-felt opinions!

I’m Jay Gatz, and I’m always with you!