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How To Wear Hiking Boots With Jeans? | 5 Easy Ways To Style

Can you wear jeans while hiking, or should you not? Of course, you can wear jeans while hiking; they are just like other pants people wear while hiking. And when it comes to hiking outfits, jeans are a common thing.

In fact, some people prefer to wear jeans rather than hiking pants whenever they go hiking. This is because jeans are durable, fashionable, and suitable for hiking.

Of course, you can’t just wear any old jeans on the trail.While ripped jeans are fashionable, fancy, and pleasing to the eyes, they may not be the best for the trails.

They expose your skin to different elements like weather, insects, etc. Apart from that, some people advise that you don’t wear jeans while hiking because of the material.

Since they are cotton, they absorb moisture and may not dry quickly. Nevertheless, hiking in jeans is completely okay; they are comfortable, durable, and protective.

Now, there’s the question of how to wear hiking boots with jeans. How can you wear them for maximum protection or to look stylish when on the trail and for your shots for social media?

You can wear jeans with hiking boots in different ways, and all of these methods contribute to comfort and protection on the trail. We will discuss some of these methods and the kinds of jeans you can wear with hiking boots.

Let’s get started!

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Jeans?

man wearing jeans and dark hiking boots sitting near a lake

Wearing hiking boots with jeans should be mostly about comfort and how functional they will be on the trail. Yeah, jeans are fashionable, and they make you look good.

Fashion should matter most when you are going to a public function and want to “dress to kill.” However, fashion will not matter much when you start freezing from the cold for wearing the wrong jeans on the trail.

When choosing which jeans to wear for hiking, you should ensure that you feel comfortable and flexible enough for your legs. In addition, they have to fit properly, not be too short or too long, so they don’t collect dirt when you wear them.

Wearing the right jeans makes it easy for you to style them properly with your hiking boots. But what makes jeans right for hiking?

Types of jeans for hiking 

Men wear thick jeans with hiking boots

Jeans are good for hiking in different weather, summer, winter, spring, and more. They shield you from the cold and are not too hot during a summer hike.

So, what types of jeans are good for hiking? They are:

Straight jeans

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Straight or slim-fit jeans are common types of jeans people wear. When a pair of jeans are straight, it means that the width from the knees to the pant’s opening is the same.

They are not baggy, nor are they skinny. They are free and straight from top to bottom and don’t stick to your leg like a second skin.

This allows your legs to move freely in your jeans and ensures a smooth ride on the trail.Moreover, anybody can wear straight jeans, irrespective of gender, body size, type, or age group.

man wearing jeans and brown hiking boots sitting on a big rock

If you decide to wear jeans while hiking, straight-leg jeans should be among your top choices because they are comfortable. Choosing what color to wear solely depends on you, but you should probably wear a color that does not get dirty easily or is not obvious when it is dirty, like blue.

This is because your outfit is likely to collect dust on the trail, and you do not want your jeans dirty by the time you stop to take your awesome Instagram shots. Another benefit of wearing straight jeans on a hike is that it makes styling them easy.

You can either wear them normally or cuff them over your jeans, and they will still look good. But, of course, they have to be your length, so they don’t cover your hiking boots and make them look awkward.

They also protect your legs from colds, insects, and other harmful things on the trail. The good thing is that jeans are durable and you can wear them for a long time.


  • They are free and allow for mobility on the trail.
  • The material is rough, durable, and can last long.
  • Straight jeans are suitable for any weather.
  • They are stylish.


  • They are not as flexible as some other hiking pants.
  • It can be heavy when wet.

Skinny jeans

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Another common type of denim that people wear is skinny jeans. They are usually skin-tight and hug the body like a second skin, from the waist to the bottom.

Many people sometimes prefer to wear skinny jeans because of how good they make them look and feel. However, it may not be the best option for hiking. But it does make people look good when they set out.

Skinny jeans can be a bit restrictive and can affect mobility somehow on the trail. And depending on how tight they are around your skin, they can make you feel uncomfortable when on the trails.

And it may get worse if you get soaked on the trail. So, instead of hiking, you should probably wear skinny jeans to work, parties, or hangouts.

wear skinny jeans with hiking boots

However, this does not make them totally wrong or bad choices for hiking. You can wear skinny jeans as long as you are comfortable in them and you are sure they won’t cause you any problems on the trail.

Since they are very fashionable, you can be sure to get nice photo clicks for your social media. They are also easy to wear with hiking boots and look good with any type of design, whether mid-cut or high-cut.

It is usually easier to tuck skinny jeans into hiking boots than other flare jeans or pants. So, if you are sure you will be okay hiking in skinny jeans, then go for it!

They protect your legs from the weather and harmful insects and plants on the trail. You can choose to wear colorful skinny jeans or a conservative color that does not get dirty easily, depending on what look you are going for.


  • Skinny jeans are fashionable.
  • Styling with hiking boots is easy.
  • They provide high protection for your legs on the trail.
  • You can wear them with any hiking boots.


  • They are restrictive and allow for little mobility.
  • Skinny jeans can make you a bit uncomfortable on the trail.

Bootcut or relaxed jeans

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Another fancy pair of jeans that people wear are bootcut jeans, and you can choose to wear them while hiking. They don’t hug the skin like skinny jeans do and are freer on the legs.

The width of bootcut jeans from the waist to the bottom is different. While from the waist to the knees, your thighs are very tight around the knees below.

They look fashionable, and they would pass for a fashion statement when you wear them for things other than hiking. Of course, they would make you look good on the trail, but they may not be the best choice for you on the trail.

wear relaxed jeans with hiking boots

They ensure mobility for your legs, but they are usually hard to tuck in. As a result, you can only wear them normally by letting the bottom fall over your hiking boots.

Trying to tuck them in or style them any other way would make them look awkward, maybe impossible, and would totally defeat the purpose of the style.

When you wear jeans with hiking boots, they are better off when you tuck them in because they protect your legs better that way.

If you really need to wear them, you should probably wear them on terrain void of harmful creeping insects so they don’t crawl into your jeans or hiking boots. Another disadvantage is that their tips are prone to dirt when on the trail.


  • Bootcut jeans ensure adequate mobility on the trail.
  • They are stylish.


  • They are difficult to style with hiking boots.
  • Bootcut jeans make you prone to insects on the trail.

Stretchy jeans

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Stretch jeans are another type of jeans that people wear while hiking.What makes them stretchy is that instead of them being 100% cotton, they are more like spandex or elastane.

They usually look like straight or skinny jeans, except that they are stretchy when you hold or wear them. This makes them good for mobility on the trail.

Men wear jeans with hiking boots

Since stretchy jeans are a mixture of spandex and denim, they are usually moderately breathable and moisture-wicking. Therefore, to an extent, they are good for hiking.

They fit right on your body and make you look good when you wear them with hiking boots. In addition, you can style them whichever way you want with hiking boots, and you can wear them with any type of hiking boot design.


  • They are stretchy and can be comfortable.
  • Due to their nature, they allow for mobility on the trail.
  • They are moderately breathable and moisture-wicking.


  • They may not be fast drying.

Kick flare jeans

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Kick flare jeans are somewhat similar to bootcut jeans, but they are different. Bootcut jeans flare from the knees to the bottom, but the kick flare fits from the top to beneath the knees and flares at the bottom.

You can also wear this type of jean while hiking. They are comfortable and not as tight as skinny jeans. This makes them good for mobility on the trail.

Hiking boots and jeans

Since they are not skin-tight, they allow your legs to breathe when on the trail. They are also quite popular, so you don’t really have to worry about not looking fashionable.

However, they have similar issues to bootcut jeans. First, due to their flare at the tip, they may be a bit difficult or awkward to style with hiking boots, but they will look good on your hiking boots.

They are also open at the tip; therefore, insects can easily crawl in from there. Aside from that, they would look really good on your hiking boots, and when you wear them, let them fall over your hiking boots.


  • They allow mobility on the trail.
  • Kick flare jeans are not so tight, so they don’t make you uncomfortable on the trail.
  • They are fashionable.


  • Styling them with hiking boots can be a problem.
  • The flare bottom makes you susceptible to insects.

Cropped jeans

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Cropped jeans are another popular pair of jeans that can be worn with hiking boots.The thing about them is that they are not as long as regular jeans, and they crop right above the ankle.

They can be skinny, with a kick flare, or straight, but they don’t go below the ankle. This makes them compatible with mid-hiking boots. Due to their length, you won’t need to tuck them in or cuff them over your hiking boots.

Cropped jeans hiking boots

They also don’t cover the hiking boots’ design or color, which is especially important when your hiking boots are beautiful and you want to show them off. In addition, they ensure mobility for your legs on the trail since they are not skin-tight.

However, their length could also be a problem should you decide to style them. Cuffing them would make them shorter, and tucking them in can be an issue, especially when wearing short socks. However, you can style them to look good with the right socks.


  • They fit mid hiking boots easily.
  • You don’t necessarily need to style them.
  • They allow mobility on the trail.


  • Their length does not give much room for styling.

How to style jeans with hiking boots

style jeans with hiking boots

Jeans are pretty cool to wear while hiking. Since they are good for other purposes, hiking is not left out. And now that you know you can wear jeans while hiking and some of the types you can wear, styling them comes next.

What are the best ways to style jeans with hiking boots?

Tuck jeans in

One of the most common ways to wear pants, jeans included, with hiking boots is to tuck them in. This involves you putting the tips of your jeans into your hiking boots.

Tucking your jeans in is beneficial. First, it makes you look good and smart when on the trail. It is a really nice sight and makes you look good in the pictures you take.

Tuck jeans in hiking boots

Second, it protects you on the trail. When you tuck your jeans in, insects, sand, stone, twigs, or other dangerous objects can not get to your feet or legs. It is like reinforcing your protection on the trail.

Tucking your jeans in can be easy or a bit difficult, depending on the kind of jeans you wear. Skinny jeans, for example, are easy to tuck in. Then, you can just wear your socks over them.

For jeans with openings that are not as tight as skinny jeans, you can hold them with elastic bands or mitten clips before you wear your socks and boots over them. However, this may not work for jeans like bootcut or kick flare due to their wide opening.

It will probably look awkward, make you uncomfortable or make your hiking boots tighter. But tucking your jeans into your hiking boots is probably the best way to style your jeans with hiking boots.

Wear socks over jeans

wear socks over your hiking boots

Another way to style your jeans with hiking boots is to wear socks over them. This is very similar to tucking jeans into hiking boots, but the difference is that you need to wear socks over.

This way of styling jeans with hiking boots is more common among female hikers, and if you have not tried it before, you probably should. It is fashionable and super protective.

You can style your jeans this way, especially when the weather is very cold. It also helps to protect your legs and feet from creeping insects on the trail.

You can be creative with how you style your jeans with hiking boots with this method to make them colorful and fashionable.

Roll them over boots

Girl wear jeans, hiking boots and colorful socks

Rolling or cuffing your jeans over your hiking boots is another common way people wear jeans, generally, not just with hiking boots. However, when you do this, you expose the other side of your jeans, which could be a different shade of the jeans.

You can do this if your jeans are too long and you don’t want them to get dirty easily. However, you can’t style all jeans types like this.

Some examples are bootcut or kick-flare jeans. That would make them look weird and make them less of their initial style of design.

Wear over boots

wear jeans over your hiking boots

You can also wear your jeans with hiking boots normally; that is, you let the tip of the jeans fall over your socks or hiking boots. You don’t cuff the tip or tuck them in using any means.

This is a very common way people wear their jeans. In addition, this way of styling is mostly suitable for bootcut or kick-flare jeans. However, the issue with this styling method is that it exposes your feet or legs to creeping insects or cold.


You can wear jeans while hiking, and they make you look smart and good on the trail. Choosing which jeans to wear while hiking is important as not all kinds are suitable for the trail.

However, your comfort is most important when deciding what type of jeans to wear. Also important is knowing how to wear hiking boots with jeans on the trail.

You should be more concerned about how they protect you on the trail and not just about how good they look. Tucking your hiking boots in is the best way to wear hiking boots with jeans. Therefore, you may want to consider that before setting out on the trail.

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