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How To Wear Hiking Boots With Skirts? | 3 Ways To Mix & Match

Wearing a skirt for a hike may look a bit unusual, except unless, of course, you have hiked or seen someone hike in it before. You would have mostly seen people wear pants for outdoorsy activities or workouts because of flexibility and ease of movement.

This makes you wonder if skirts belong on the trails and if hiking in them is totally okay. Yes, people hike in skirts, and wearing skirts for hikes isn’t totally a bad idea.

If you are comfortable wearing skirts off the trails, then wearing them hiking should not be a problem. Skirts are usually lightweight, flexible, airy, and you can be sure to hike comfortably in them on the trail.

However, you can’t wear all kinds of skirts on the trail; the material matters. For example, wearing cotton on the trail may not be the best choice because they don’t wick moisture and dry out quickly.

While skirts are good for hiking, they can be uncomfortable for some people, are not tear-resistant, flowy, and can stick in bushes on the trail.

Wearing skirts hiking may not be the problem here, but pairing them with the right hiking boots is. You probably want to know which hiking boots will go well on skirts without making you look funny.

Of course, functionality matters, but at the same time, you also need to look good in what you wear. You will know how to wear hiking boots with skirts in this article.

What hiking boots and skirts can you wear together on the trail? Let’s find out.

What Skirts Can You Wear With Hiking Boots?

heavy leather hiking boots

Skirts are different from pants, and you cannot tuck them into hiking boots for the smart look they give. And when choosing which skirts to wear with hiking boots, they just have to be the perfect match.

You can’t just throw on any skirt in your closet and head out to the trail; they have to be hiking-appropriate and match your hiking boots.So what skirts will look good with hiking boots?

Do they have to be super short, super long, or tight to be perfect? Well, not exactly, but you can wear the following types of skirts with hiking boots:

Circle skirts

Wear Circle skirts With Hiking Boots

Circle skirts, also known as skater skirts, are a form of short skirt suitable for use on the trail. You can wear this skirt for a relaxing hike on the trail, which is a big plus if you want to look good by showing off your legs.

In addition, they usually have waistbands that rest on your waist, and they are usually flared. The flare forms a circle when you lay it down, hence why it is called a circle skirt.

Due to their flamboyant nature, they are usually comfortable hiking. They also allow easy mobility on the trail, so you don’t have to worry much about tripping on hiking terrain.

Circle skirts are usually made from different materials, ranging from synthetics, polyester, cotton, linen, and a blend of some. But the good thing is that they are usually lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about whether their weight slows you down or tires you out on the trail.

If you decide to wear circle skirts for hiking, you should wear fast-drying and moisture-wicking materials. Women of all ages and body types can wear circle skirts and look good in them.

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And if you are not sure about showing your skin on the trail, there are long circle skirts that you can wear. You can pair circle skirts with hiking boots that stop below your ankle, and you are good to go.

However, there are some downsides to wearing this skirt on the trail. First, they are lightweight, and you may spend the most time trying to hold them together when the wind blows them.

Another thing is that, due to their flare nature, they may get caught in twigs, slowing you down to get them out, or worse, they could tear. Therefore, you probably should not wear them when it is windy outside or on bushy terrain.

You should probably also consider wearing them with opaque stockings or leggings.


Wear SkortsWith Hiking Boots

Another type of skirt you can wear with hiking boots is skorts, or scooter skirts. They are usually a combination of shorts and a skirt. Actually, they are shorts with a piece of clothing covering them so that they look like skirts.

They are short skirts and are usually thigh-length, so if you like the sound or look of that, you can wear them. In addition, they have different designs you can choose from if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe.

Choosing a plain one or a detailed one is totally up to you. Their materials usually vary from cotton, polyester, elastane, spandex, nylon, or blends of any of them. They are breathable and fast-drying, making them suitable for hiking.

Another good thing about them is the shorts they have underneath. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about the wind exposing your underwear.

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As they do not exactly flare, the wind should not affect them much. Plus, they are also good for mobility on the trail, especially if the material is stretchy.

Furthermore, they are suitable for all body types, so if you care about whether what you wear suits your body, then skorts are good for you. You can pair them with mid-hiking boots to make you look good on the trail.

However, wearing skorts on the trail has its disadvantages. First, they don’t have the same flexibility that skirts offer. For instance, you would need to pull them down instead of raising them up to do your business on the trail if you needed to.

Second, it makes changing your clothes a bit difficult on the trail. In addition, due to their length, you cannot exactly wear them when it is cold, unless, of course, you wear them with thick socks or opaque stockings. However, they are pretty good for summer hiking.


Wear Miniskirt With Hiking Boots

Mini skirts are great options for when you want a break from tight or loose pants, and they are also pretty good for summer hiking. They allow your legs to get enough fresh air and prevent you from sweating much.

In addition, they are comfortable and available in different forms, styles, or shapes. For example, if you prefer denim skirts, you will find short denim skirts suitable for your hike. There are also leather and synthetic mini skirts, depending on your choice.

They can also be free, straight, or flared, so you can choose based on the one you are comfortable with wearing on the trail. But, of course, you should go for mini skirts that allow you mobility on the trail.

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Their materials are also important, so you should go for moisture-wicking and fast-drying skirts. Women of different body types wear mini skirts, and you can choose whether you prefer straight ones, or flared or A-line, depending on your body and what you are comfortable with.

You can wear any hiking boots of your choice with mini skirts, and you can choose to either wear leggings underneath them or not. However, mini skirts leave you susceptible to the weather, either rain or cold, because they expose your legs.

Therefore, they can be unsuitable for winter hiking or rough terrain. However, you can make up for that with the socks you wear, either knee-high or stockings.

Pencil skirt

Wearing Pencil skirt With Hiking Boots!

Pencil skirts are not just for official purposes; they make you look smart on the trail as well. They fit right on your body and accentuate your good looks on the trail.

In addition, they are good for hiking, and since they are not flowy like other skirts, they make you comfortable on the trail. You don’t have to worry about the breeze blowing them or them getting stuck in twigs when hiking.

They are also very flexible and available in different types, including denim. Pencil skirts are usually knee-high, so they cover your skin to an extent and protect you from the weather.

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Furthermore, they are made from different materials, including cotton, leather, and synthetics. Women of any body type can wear pencil skirts. However, pear-shaped women may find it a bit difficult to find pencil skirts that fit their bodies.

But it is doable; finding the right one might just be stressful. How should you wear pencil skirts with hiking boots? You can pair the skirts with hiking boots that stop at the ankle.

Of course, wearing a pencil skirt makes you look smart and good on the trail. However, they can affect mobility because they are straight. It may be worse if the material is not stretchy.

A-line skirt

Wearing A-line skirt With Hiking Boots!

You can also wear A-line skirts with hiking boots. When you wear them or lay them down, they are usually in a triangle shape. The skirt flares out from the waist and stops beneath the knees.

Since they are not short, they are suitable for when you don’t want to show off some skin when on the trail. This type of skirt is mostly suitable for pear-shaped women because it doesn’t cling to their skin or hips like pencil skirts do, but accentuates their waist.

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Furthermore, they are great for mobility and don’t restrict your leg movement on the trail. However, due to their flaring nature, they may get stuck in twigs, and wind can expose your undergarments. You can pair A-line skirts with mid-hiking boots.

Flare skirt

flare skirts and hiking boots

Another type of skirt to wear with hiking boots is a flared skirt. They are the opposite of pencil skirts because they don’t stick on the hip or thigh; instead, they hang freely from your waistline downwards.

But, of course, they are usually in different forms. For example, they can be long, ankle-length, or short, knee-length, or thigh-length. Earlier, we discussed some skirts that are available in flared forms, like mini skirts and circle skirts.

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However, flare skirts are available in different forms other than that. They can be plaid, high waisted, or take other forms. Due to their flare forms, they enable ease of movement on the trail and allow you to move freely on it.

In addition, depending on their length, they protect your legs to a certain extent. Since there are different designs and styles, you can choose the one that fits you best, and flare skirts are good for all body types.

You can wear flared skirts with mid-hiking boots on the trail. However, the problem with flare skirts is that, like other flare designs, the wind is not good for them.

What Hiking Boots Can You Wear With Skirts?

Wearing hiking boots with skirts can be a bit tricky. Boots are not exactly feminine, so combining both to look good can be a bit of work. You don’t want to look out of fashion, and at the same time, you need your hiking boots to be functional on the trail.

However, when you wear hiking boots that don’t flatter your whole outfit, it makes you uncomfortable when you are out. So, what kind of hiking boots can you wear with skirts?

Mid or high-cut hiking boots

heavy brown high cut hiking boots

First, the hiking boots’ design matters, whether mid-cut or high-cut. Hiking boots with skirts look best when they accentuate your legs rather than make them look short.

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Therefore, you need to find the perfect balance between hiking boots and skirts as the length of both matters. For example, if you wear long skirts, knee or ankle length, you should wear mid-cut hiking boots.

When the skirt is long, you should wear short hiking boots so it does not look like your legs are short. Therefore, when you wear short skirts that stop above your knees or are thigh-length, you can combine them with high-cut hiking boots that stop above your ankle.

Small and compact hiking boots

store dark brown leather hiking boots

Second, the best hiking boots to wear with skirts are compact and small ones. When you wear bulky hiking boots, you end up with an unflattering look.

Bulky hiking boots may make you look weird since you are already combining boots with skirts. Moreover, bulky hiking boots are heavy and can add to discomfort on the trail.

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This is most likely to happen when you wear pencil or straight skirts, and you already have limited mobility on the trail.

Therefore, not only will they make your outfit out of proportion, but they can also make you pretty comfortable on the trail. Compact and lightweight hiking boots seem more ideal to combine with skirts.

Hiking boots with elegant color

Decorate hiking boots with embroidered flower patches

You should also consider the color of hiking boots to wear with skirts on the trail.

You should wear hiking boots with elegant colors to improve your looks on the trail. This does not mean that you should go for bright colors or anything. The most important thing is that the color matches your outfit and that it enhances your looks.

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Besides, if you don’t care much about color, you don’t have to go overboard with it. Ensure that you don’t wear bulky hiking boots and that you balance the hiking boots’ height with the length of the skirt you wear.

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Skirts?

Now that you know which skirts and hiking boots you can wear, how can you wear both together? Of course, you don’t want overly flattering looks, and at the same time, you have to consider the fact that you are hiking and it’s not just some casual or regular activity.

You need to look good and protect yourself. With that said, how can you wear hiking boots with skirts?

Balance the length

Balance the length of skirts With Hiking Boots!

The first thing to remember when it comes to wearing hiking boots with skirts is to balance the length of both. When we say this, we don’t mean you have to wear long skirts and tall hiking boots to cover up and not expose any skin.

Of course, you can do that if you wear long skirts on the trail, but what about when you wear mini skirts? Balancing the length means that you should know which hiking boots’ height works well for your skirt’s length.

Like we mentioned earlier, you should wear high-cut hiking boots with short skirts for balance and mid-cut hiking boots with long skirts so you don’t look short.

When you balance the length, you can then decide whether you want to wear long or short socks, or whether you want to wear leggings or leave your legs bare.

Wearing short skirts with high hiking boots is suitable for hiking during summer, when you want your legs to get some air for short hikes on plain terrain. Likewise, long skirts with mid-hiking boots are for cold weather and hiking on rough terrain.

Wear leggings with short skirts

Wear leggings with short skirts and Hiking Boots!

Instead of leaving your legs bare on the trail, you can wear leggings with your skirt, especially when you wear short ones. Doing this will help accentuate your looks.

Black leggings are quite common, and they seem suitable to wear with mini skirts. But, of course, there are other earth-toned colors that you can wear with your skirts.

Combining colors depends on the color of the skirt you wear and your choice. However, whichever color you choose to wear, make sure it matches and blends well with the clothes you wear and your hiking boots.

Another thing you should consider is their material. Their material should be breathable, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying. You should also consider the weather.

You should wear thin clothing when it is summer and the weather is hot, and thick clothing when it is cold and during winter. Leggings will also protect you when hiking on rough or rugged terrain, so you don’t end up with bruises after your hike.

Wear stockings or long socks

_long socks With Hiking Boots!

Another way to wear hiking boots with skirts is to improve your looks with the type of socks you wear. Wearing short socks is cool, but you can make it better by wearing stockings or long socks.

Doing this helps to cover up some skin, and this makes sense when you wear mini skirts with hiking boots. This is good for when you are hiking during the cold weather or on rough terrains, like when in the woods.

Wearing socks also helps to reduce blister-causing friction.

Some Noteworthy Advice When Wearing Hiking Boots With Skirts

When wearing hiking boots with skirts, you need to be careful. Skirts are different from pants, so you have to wear them properly without sacrificing looks and protection on the trail.

Therefore, when wearing hiking boots with skirts, we advise that you

1. Dress to match the weather and terrain

When it comes to hiking, you cannot afford to dress shabbily or carelessly. However, what you wear may make or mar your hiking experience, and you should enjoy your hike while being comfortable.

Therefore, you should consider whether it is cold or hot outside or if you are going on a short or long hike and the terrain. For example, short skirts are good for summer or short hikes on plain terrain, while long skirts are good for hiking in cold and rugged terrain.

This will also help you decide on the best way to dress on the trail, whether to wear stockings, leggings, or not.

2. Determine the look you are going for

Before you set out or start dressing up, you should determine how you want to look. Do you want to look chic or conservative, or do you not really mind?

This will help you decide how well to combine your outfit with your hiking boots and what colors to wear.

3. Choose a skirt that fits your body type.

When choosing what type of skirt to wear with hiking boots, you need to choose the one that fits your body type. Earlier, we mentioned the different skirts you can wear and what body type they suit.

Wearing skirts that suit your body type is good for you. It makes you look good and feel comfortable when you are out on the trail.

4. Consider the material

skirt material

You should consider your skirt material when choosing what to wear on a hike. Your skirt should be moisture-wicking, breathable, and fast-drying. Therefore, 100% cotton skirts may not be the best, no matter how good they may look. Instead, wearing skirts made from nylon or synthetic materials may be more suitable.

5. Wear a lightweight skirt that ensures mobility

You should also ensure that your skirt is lightweight, free, and allows you to move freely on the trail. A heavy skirt will slow you down; likewise, a too-tight skirt will make you uncomfortable on the trail.

6. Pockets

Like pockets are important for pants, they are for skirts as well. Pockets will come in handy on the trail. You should wear skirts with functional pockets.

The pockets should be deep enough to hold some little items so you can distribute your weight and lessen the one on your back.


Wearing skirts and hiking boots on the trail is not a totally bad idea, so long as you know how to combine both. When combining both, you should consider functionality and looks so that you don’t look awkward on the trail and in your photos.

The important thing is that you dress appropriately for the weather and terrain, because if the outfit is wrong, then you will feel uncomfortable on the trail, and you won’t enjoy the activity.

Another thing is that you should wear skirts that make you feel comfortable on the trail, because comfort is key. A reminder: don’t forget to balance the length of your hiking boots and skirt.

When you next want to go hiking in skirts and boots, you can follow the tips we shared in this article, and you will totally nail the look.

Have fun and good luck!

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