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Do Hiking Boots Have Arch Support?

Hiking is fun, exciting, and exhilarating; you get to enjoy the scenery, and it is different from what you do daily. However, in the end, it puts a lot of stress on the feet, and you may end up feeling pain in your feet.

Sometimes, if you aren’t careful enough, you may end up with bruises or injuries on your feet. And this is one of the reasons why utmost importance is placed on the feet when on the trail, especially concerning wearing the right hiking boots.

One of the major and crucial things to consider is the arch support that hiking boots provide. For example, people have different foot arches, from low to medium to high.

This is why you need to wear hiking boots that fit your feet for proper ankle support, stability, balance, and better walking posture on the trail. Have you ever considered arch support when buying hiking boots? Do hiking boots with arch support exist?

Arch support is important on the trail, so you need hiking boots that provide that. Let’s find out if hiking boots have arch support in this article.

Let’s get started!

Do Hiking Boots Have Arch Support?

Roll your pants ends when wearing hiking boots

The simple answer is yes, most hiking boots have arch support, and this is because it is an important part that makes hiking safer and more comfortable. This makes it important for manufacturers to ensure that hiking boots provide arch support for users.

However, not all hiking boots have good arch support. From my experience and reviews of many hikers, some hiking boots still have insoles that are too flat and don’t provide much support for your arch. So you need to look for the right type.

Like we mentioned earlier, every hiker needs to find hiking boots that match their feet’ shape, whether they have flat feet, high arches, or medium arches. This will help to support your ankle and help you hike safer on the trail.

Many features contribute to the arch support in hiking boots. Let’s examine these features.


Do Hiking Boots Need Insoles

Insoles are a major part of hiking boots, and they contribute to the arch support in those boots. Your feet directly lie on them in hiking boots, and they can either be removable or built-in.

Insoles help to support the foot arch for flat and high-feet. The right insole will make you comfortable, prevent pain in your feet, and improve your posture.

This is why it is important you know your foot shape before buying hiking boots, so you can check whether the insoles suit your feet before you buy.

You should not just pick hiking boots in the store and be on your way immediately. You should check the insoles, especially when they are removable.

Your foot shape will help you choose the right one, so you should know that first. And when the insoles wear out, you can always replace them.


Hiking Boots Need Insoles

Another hiking boot feature that helps with arch support is the midsole. The midsoles usually provide extra cushioning for the feet for more comfort in hiking boots and support.

Usually, the midsole is sandwiched between the outsole and the insole, which makes hiking boots more rigid. The midsole also arches like the outsoles, so it somewhat helps with arch support.

Lacing system

loosen shoelaces of hiking boots to prevent hugging your ankles too much

The lacing system on hiking boots improves arch support. This makes up for the upper part of hiking boots so the feet can stay in place and restrict foot movement in hiking boots.

While the soles help to keep your feet in the right arch, the lace manages movement. It complements the width of hiking boots by ensuring the boots fit snugly around your feet.

This further helps with support, balance, preventing heel slippage and excessive movement in hiking boots. The lacing system also helps prevent debris from hiking boots, ensuring your feet’ safety on the trail.


hiking boots with heels on stone paved path

Another feature that contributes to arch support is the heels on hiking boots. Wide heels on hiking boots help with balance and prevent feet from hurting in hiking boots and after hiking.

Forefoot pressure and stress on your forefoot are reduced. The heels help to raise the feet’ arches and put them in the proper posture for hiking in whatever terrain or weather.

Hiking boots width and size

hiking boots with heels on stony road

Hiking boots’ width also helps with arch support. But first, the hiking boots need to be the right fit. They have to be wide enough to accommodate your feet, but not too much to leave too much room for foot movement.

When the boots are wide enough, your feet can rest appropriately on the insoles without moving or squishing against the inside of the hiking boots.

This is why you need to get your hiking boots sized because when your boots don’t fit, there’s only a little bit the other features can do to improve your arch support in hiking boots.

What Hiking Boots Provide Arch Support?

Now that you know that hiking boots provide arch support, improve posture and comfort in hiking boots. So, what hiking boots provide arch support?

Day hiking boots

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
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  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Metal hook traditional lace closure

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When you look for a pair of boots for short hikes during the day, day hiking boots are what you need. And this is also the kind of boots that offer good arch support.

Since you are often on your feet all day for these hikes, the arch of your foot is prone to soreness. The manufacturer knows that, and day hiking boots are the boots to help you overcome that.

Backpacking boots

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With so much weight on the feet, backpacking boots cannot afford to be lacking in arch support.The weight you carry further puts pressure on the feet, flattening their arches further, making your feet hurt.

Whether you have flat feet or high arches, you need arch support in hiking boots on the trail. Thankfully, backpacking hiking boots have arch support to reduce pressure and prevent pain.

Mountaineering boots

Salewa Rapace GTX Mountaineering Boot - Men's
  • Insole: Stiff- Nylon & 27% Fiberglass / Bilight Midsole
  • Outsole: Vibram WTC
  • Upper: 360 degree full rubber rand / 1.8mm Nubuk / Highly wear-resistant fabric

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Climbing mountains is different from walking on plain terrain or on asphalt. You need balance, support, better foot movement, and protection so you don’t hurt yourself or end up with hurting feet.

The good thing is that mountaineering boots have arch support. The soles, apart from reinforcing the arch, also help with traction and better grip on the trail. This helps you stay balanced on the trail.

What Do Hiking Boots With Arch Support Offer?

What can hiking boots with arch support offer you? Whether you have flat feet, a high arch, or plantar fasciitis, you need arch support. But how do they help?

  • For flat feet

You can get arch support for your flat feet in hiking boots by wearing boots with contoured insoles that raise your feet a little. This helps to prevent soreness, overpronation, and alignment issues.

  • For high arch

Standing in hiking boots with arch support can mitigate pain in hiking boots due to high arch feet. As a result, it will help prevent pain, calluses, stiff calf muscles, hammer toes, supination, and other foot problems.

  • For plantar fasciitis

When you have arch support in your hiking boots, you can prevent the plantar fascia from stretching too much, causing inflammation and pain in the heel of the foot.


You need arches in hiking boots because they are very beneficial to your foot health in boots. For example, they help with balance, ankle support, and preventing pain in hiking boots.

In addition, there are different hiking boots with arch support, and you can get ones that fit your foot shape. First, you need to know if you have flat feet, medium arches, or high arches.

Since the insoles contribute largely to arch support in hiking boots, you need to try them out before buying the boots. Another thing is that the hiking boots need to fit snugly, not too loose or tight around your feet if you want to enjoy arch support better.

Finally, you need to get hiking boots that match the purpose you need them for, and you can shop for the brands we suggested in the article. Arch support is important, so remember to make up for it when it is missing in your hiking boots.

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