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Does Red Wing Make Hiking Boots? | Pros & Cons

The Redwing shoe company makes a variety of durable and comfortable footwear for various occupational and recreational purposes. From time to time, they have made a reputation for themselves as a shoe brand that makes work shoes or shoes for work, and people have known them over time.

If you use work boots a lot, you will have come across the brand or maybe used their products at various points in time. Their products mostly catered to farmers, wood loggers, blacksmiths, miners, and railroad workers.

And over time, their products have served people in these walks of life due to their durability and comfort. However, the company moved from making shoes for work only to making footwear for recreational activities after a while.

Of course, if you have known a brand for something for a long time and you realize they have another product you’re unaware of, it’s only normal that you wonder what’s going on. You have probably heard people mention it online and offline if Redwing makes hiking boots.

Another thing could be that you want their durable and comfortable footwear in hiking boot form, especially if you hike a lot. If you are a big fan of Redwing’s footwear, of course, you would probably want a pair of their hiking boots if they existed.

But the question is, does Redwing make hiking boots? Maybe, maybe not. Read through this article to find out.

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Red Wing 8690 Men's 6-inch TruHiker Boot, Black (Electrical Hazard, Waterproof) (11D)
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Red Wing 6690 Black 6" inch Hiker Boot (Waterproof, Aluminum Toe, Electrical Hazard) (13EE)
Red Wing 8690 Men's 6-inch TruHiker Boot, Black (Electrical Hazard, Waterproof) (11D)
Vasque Men's Breeze LT GTX MID Hiking Boot, Rabbit/Tawny Olive, 10
Red Wing 6690 Black 6" inch Hiker Boot (Waterproof, Aluminum Toe, Electrical Hazard) (13EE)
Red Wing 8690 Men's 6-inch TruHiker Boot, Black (Electrical Hazard, Waterproof) (11D)
Red Wing 8690 Men's 6-inch TruHiker Boot, Black (Electrical Hazard, Waterproof) (11D)
Vasque Men's Breeze LT GTX MID Hiking Boot, Rabbit/Tawny Olive, 10
Vasque Men's Breeze LT GTX MID Hiking Boot, Rabbit/Tawny Olive, 10
Red Wing 6690 Black 6" inch Hiker Boot (Waterproof, Aluminum Toe, Electrical Hazard) (13EE)
Red Wing 6690 Black 6" inch Hiker Boot (Waterproof, Aluminum Toe, Electrical Hazard) (13EE)

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Does Redwing Make Hiking Boots?

man wearing jeans and brown hiking boots sitting on a big rock

Yes, the Redwing shoe company makes hiking boots. Your excitement or indifference to this revelation depends on the answer you were hoping for. Redwing makes boots for recreational purposes, including hiking.

It is possible you have seen them around, and you didn’t know! But first, let us take a step back. You know that Redwing makes awesome work boots that last a while and are comfortable, and this makes you wonder how and when they started making hiking boots.

But Redwing hiking boots have been around for a while. It could be surprising or not, depending on how aware you are of that. In the 1980s, Redwing shifted and evolved into making footwear for walking, which is totally different from their workbooks, especially in looks.

This was when they created their Vasque outdoor footwear division. That is, the hiking boots they produced under this division carried the Vasque brand name instead of Redwing.

hiking boots and gray socks

Their Vasque footwear collection varied from heavy-duty hiking boots to casual ones to fashionable hiking boots. Then, it evolved to making kids’ hiking boots, and they have been evolving ever since.

Therefore, if you’ve seen some Vasque hiking boots around, then you’ve seen some Redwing hiking boots. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself if you haven’t either, because now you can tell a Redwing hiking boot when you see one.

Apart from Vasque, another Redwing hiking boot you probably didn’t know about is the TruHiker boots. They are also solid and durable hiking boots, good for heavyweight or lightweight hiking.

Redwing’s hiking boots are good for different hiking purposes. You can use them for casual hikes on plain terrain during different weather conditions. Likewise, they are rigid and durable for backpacking and mountaineering on rough terrain, and they can withstand harsh weather.

In addition, you could use them for different jobs and outdoor activities. This is because they are rigid and can withstand the most rigorous activity.

Different Redwing hiking boots

Pros of RedWing Hiking Boots

Taking a look at all the listed types of Redwing hiking boots above, you can confirm clearly that they make good hiker’s footwear. However, let’s see some benefits of Redwing hiking boots.

  • Ensure foot and ankle protection

outsole of hiking boots on rugged terrain

One of the major benefits of Redwing hiking boots is the foot and ankle protection they provide for users. Most hiking boots offer this benefit, and it is important for hikers’ safety on the trail, so Redwing cannot fall short of this key importance.

This is thanks to major features that Redwing hiking boots have, like high ankle cuffs, stiff leather uppers and soles, protective toe boxes, and TPU shanks.

In addition, their tall uppers are as high as 5 inches, support the ankle, and they are good for people who have weak ankles or a history of foot or ankle problems.

The stiff soles also help ensure that hikers’ ankles don’t feel much pain when on the trail, no matter what terrain they are walking on. These features also make them good for backpacking or mountaineering because they are sturdy and can carry extra weight.

  • Warranty

dark leather hiking boots

Buying Redwing’s hiking boots means that you get a year’s warranty on them. If you buy Vasque hiking boots and you notice a fault in the workmanship or material, you can return them if the defects occur within 12 months of use.

They will help repair the defect or exchange the product. But, of course, that is if the defect occurred on their part and not due to excessive abuse of the product.

  • Very breathable

Redwing’s hiking boots are one of the most breathable boots you can use, and they are good for light and casual hiking. They have ventilation that helps to keep the feet dry and cool all day when you are on a hike.

When you wear any of the Vasque Breeze hiking boots series, you will feel the difference.

To achieve high breathability, Redwing combined Gore-tex with air mesh (AT) and ventilation ports. Not only do these help air flow easily into hiking boots, but they also help vapor escape from hiking boots.

This leaves your feet dry all day and protects your feet from moisture within boots, friction, or blisters. They also combine leather with mesh in some of their boots to ensure ventilation and breathability.

  • Versatility

man are uncomfortable with tight hiking boots

Another benefit of Redwing hiking boots is that they are very versatile. Redwing hiking boots are sturdy and stiff enough to double as lightweight hiking, mountaineering, and backpacking boots.

You can use your boots for more rigorous hiking activities because they are sturdy and strong. Their insoles and outsoles are strong enough to protect and support your feet and ankles on the trail.

At the same time, they are comfortable for casual and relaxing hikes. In addition, Redwing hiking boots can double as boots for other activities like heavy-duty work, hunting, mountaineering, and more.

For example, Vasque’s mid-weight can work as backpacking boots or day hiking boots, and you can pick whichever vibe you intend to go with before setting out. Therefore, you can wear them on different hiking terrains without experiencing pain.

  • They are durable

man wearing coyote hiking boot standing on rocky terrain

Redwing hiking boots are long-lasting, that is, aside from the 12-month warranty they provide. Redwing has many features and uses several technologies to ensure that its boots last a long time and work effectively.

Their hiking boots are as durable as work boots. Starting with their leather uppers, which are very strong and will last a long time. Redwing uses full-grain, hazelnut, leather, and they are waterproof, rigid, and strong.

In addition, they use leather protectors to ensure that their leather lasts a while. Redwing also uses rubber and EVA materials for their outsoles with top-notch slip control that is heat, oil, gas, and chemical resistant.

Therefore, their soles can last a while before you need to change your boots. They also combine their Redwing waterproofing system, HRO heat resistance, Vibram, and electrical hazard technologies to ensure the safety of hikers on the trail.

Redwing hiking boots are built to last for a long time, so they seem like a good hiking boot investment.

Cons of RedWing Hiking Boots

Although Redwing tends to make pretty durable, breathable, and versatile hiking boots, they tend to miss out on some designs. Here are some cons you might want to consider before purchasing Redwing hiking boots.

  • They are heavy 

One of the drawbacks of Redwing hiking boots is that they are heavy. They are not as heavy as you think, but they do weigh some pounds as compared to other lightweight hiking boot brands.

They may weigh a bit on your feet if you are just looking to hike for a while or casually on the trail. Many of the materials used in them make them heavy, and when you consider the fact that they are built to be heavy and similar to work boots, they can be a bit too much for some people.

However, not all Redwing hiking boots are heavy. Their Breeze series, especially the new Breeze LT, is lightweight for fast, quick, easy, and casual hikes. Therefore, you can get those if you need your Redwing hiking boots to be lightweight.

  • Narrow toe box

wear steel toe hiking boots sitting on grass

Another disadvantage of Redwing hiking boots is that their toe boxes can be a bit too narrow for some people.

While Redwing has hiking boot options for people with wide feet, they don’t fit everyone with wide feet because their toe boxes are not as roomy as other wide-foot hiking boot brands.

When buying Redwing hiking boots in wide sizes, ensure you try them on before heading home. You should not be deceived by “standard” sizes.

Therefore, wear them with socks and walk in them because you don’t want your toes to suffer in them when on the trail.


Many people know Redwing as a shoe manufacturing company that mostly produces work boots, so it may come as a bit of a surprise when they realize that they also make hiking boots.

Yes, if you look around enough and in the right places, you will find some Redwing hiking boots, and they are available for purchase if you need one for yourself. Redwing has been in the business of producing hiking boots since the 1980s, and they have made quite a name for themselves.

If you have seen Vasque or TruHiker hiking boots or used them in the past, then you have seen some Redwing hiking boots yourself. However, if you consider getting a pair for yourself, you need to consider your feet.

If you don’t have wide feet, then you don’t have much to worry about. However, if you have wide feet, make sure to try the boots on to avoid problems later on.

Another thing is that they are more suitable for heavy-duty hiking, so it may not be in your best interest if you want to use them for casual or quick hikes because they may tire you easily.

However, overall, they are good hiking boots with good technology to ensure your protection and safety on the trail. You can check out some of the Redwing hiking boots we listed in the article.

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