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What Size Laces For Hiking Boots? | Thorough Instructions

Hiking boots’ laces are an important part of the boots, and they matter to the whole hiking experience. First, they need to be the right length, and then strong enough to function well on the trail.

Generally, hiking boots’ laces help you tie your boots appropriately for different purposes. The good thing is that manufacturers know how important they are on the trail, so they make hiking boots that come with the right laces.

However, they wear, tear, break, and become less functional with time. You can’t just throw away your hiking boots because the laces have worn out. Therefore, getting a new one would be the next thing to do.

Here is where things get tricky; that is, getting the right lace size for your hiking boots. You cannot afford to get laces that are just too short for your hiking boots, so you will have to be selective when shopping.

Too long ones can be a problem, but they are bearable because you can tuck them into your boots. And too few can be utterly useless. So, what do you do? How do you measure and get the right lace size for your hiking boots?

If you are wondering what size laces to get for hiking boots, then read this article through.

Let’s get into it!

How To Measure Hiking Boots Lace Sizes

When you need to replace your hiking boots’ laces, you should not just use your discretion unless you are sure of getting the right size. If you are buying for the first time, you should definitely measure the size before shopping online or offline for the right one.

If you have your old laces with you and are sure the length served you well, it is good for you. How do you measure the size of the lace on your hiking boots?

Here are some tips for you:

1. Measure old bootlace

old lace of brown hiking boot

Before thinking of or doing anything else, this should probably be the first thing to do. You should measure your old bootlace and let it guide you in buying a new one.

But before doing that, you should be sure that they were the right ones initially. Sometimes, the laces that come with hiking can be too long or not long enough.

Whether you use them on the trail or not depends on how comfortable you are or how functional the laces are. If they were so long that they posed a danger on the trail or gave you a tough time tying, you should not get the same length.

But if they were just old and the right length and you needed a replacement, then you are good with measuring the old lace. You could probably take them with you to the store.

You may have a tough time getting accurate measurements if they are broken, but you should still be able to get the proper length. If not, you can try using other ways of measurement.

2. Know the hiking boots type

man ties hiking boots to prevent blisters

Another way to measure the size of laces for hiking boots is to know your boot type. Your boot type will determine the length of the lace you should get for your hiking boots.

Are they low-cut, mid-cut, or high-cut hiking boots? How tall are the uppers of your hiking boots? You should know that the taller your boots are, the longer the length of the laces your hiking boots need.

For example, standard hiking boots would need laces that are about 63 inches in length and about 84 inches for hiking boots with tall uppers.

However, these lengths vary depending on how high your high-cut hiking boots are. If you cannot gauge the length of lace correctly, and your old laces are not an option, then you can resort to other measuring means.

You could also measure the upper length, then double the length, and add a few inches, so the size you get won’t be too short for your hiking boots. But, of course, this would be nowhere near as accurate as what you need.

3. Count the eyelet

eyelet of hiking boot

If you can’t get it right with the length of your hiking boots’ upper or the previous lace, you should try counting the eyelets. You probably didn’t know that you could measure your laces this way.

This is one of the most accurate ways to get the lace measurement for your hiking boots. Hiking boots have eyelet pairs on them where the lace passes through to secure your boots in place.

Depending on the type of hiking boots they are and how tall their uppers are, the eyelets could be a lot or less. You could have five pairs, six, seven, or eight.

For each number of eyelet pairs on your hiking boots, a lace length matches it. For example, if your hiking boots have between 7 and 8 pairs of eyelets on them, then you should get laces that are 63 inches long, or 160 cm long.

And if there are 5 to 6 pairs of eyelets, 45-inch boot lace will do. If you need a guide on what length to buy based on the number of eyelets on your boots, we have placed a table in the latter part of this article.

There, you will find suggestions for all the eyelet pairs available on hiking boots.

4. Tie your boots with something else

lace and tie hiking boots

You could also measure the lace size to get for your hiking boots by using another material to measure. You can try this if the original bootlace that came with your hiking boots is broken, lost, or completely worn out.

You can try lacing your hiking boots with strings, twines, clothes scraps, or use the laces of your other shoes, like sneakers, for example, if they are long enough. After running the item through your hiking boots’ eyelets, if you are sure you have gotten the right length, then you can measure it.

The length you get will determine the length of the lace you will need for your hiking boots. Ensure that the length you buy is long enough to tie the different lacing techniques that you will need on the trail.

Only then would measuring with other items make sense. You could possibly add a few inches to your measurement and go with that length.

5. Go with brand-specific laces

loosen shoelaces of hiking boots to prevent hugging your ankles too much

When all else fails, the best thing to do is to buy brand-specific laces. That is, you buy your bootlace from your hiking boot manufacturer.

Some brands manufacture shoelaces for their boots, like Timberland, for example. You should probably check whether the brand of your hiking boots has laces that you can choose from.

However, one of the disadvantages of doing that is that sometimes these brands have a standard length for their hiking boots. And the standard length could be a bit too long for your hiking boots.

But if you can’t get the proper measurement from your hiking boots’ types or are unsure of the accurate measurement for eyelets, you should get your boots’ brand laces. You can also look at their size guide for help on which lace will fit your hiking boots based on your boot size.

What Size Laces For Hiking Boots?

man wearing brown hiking boots with red laces

Hiking boot laces are usually in different shapes, and your boots’ initial laces could be any of them. There are a wide range of shoelaces, ranging from round to flat, to oval (which is uncommon), braided laces, and more.

These laces are usually made from different materials, like natural fibers like cotton or synthetic materials like polyester. The longevity of the lace depends on the material. For example, synthetic shoelaces are more durable than cotton, and they seem fitter for hiking.

They don’t hold on to moisture like cotton and don’t snag or need replacement too often. With that said, you have an idea of the kind of lace material to go for.

Irrespective of the shape, type, or material of the shoelaces you decide to buy, you still need to be sure of the size you get for your hiking boots.

They have to be the right size based on length and diameter. While the diameter may not really matter much, the length is really important. So, what size laces for hiking boots?

  • Length

lace of hiking boot

Hiking boots’ lace length varies. It can be of long or short length, depending on what it is meant for. With the varying length of hiking boots’ laces, you need to know the right length size for your boots.

Laces can vary from 27″ to 30″, 33″ to 108″ depending on the kind of boots that they are made for. If you hike a lot, then you should probably know that hiking boots vary in design, from low to mid-to high-cut, and this is about how tall the uppers are.

This helps to determine the length of the laces your hiking boots need. The taller your hiking boots’ uppers are, the longer the length of lace your hiking boots need.

Now, determining which length best suits your hiking boot design is the thing. Each hiking boot has a certain number of eyelets on them where the laces pass through to secure your boots and make them fit.

Depending on the type of hiking boots and the uppers’ length, it could be two to three pairs, five to six, or even eleven to twelve. For example, 2 to 3 pairs of eyelets are small, so a length of lace that is 27 inches should be okay for the boots.

This number of eyelets will most likely fit a low-cut hiking shoe design. You would probably need a 54-inch lace for mid-cut hiking boots because they have about 6 to 7 pairs of eyelets on the boots.

So, basically, you have to count the number of pairs of eyelets your hiking boots have to determine the lace length size you should get for your boots. The more eyelets your hiking boots have, the longer the length size you should get.

You can hardly go wrong with long laces, so you should always aim for longer laces.

  • Diameter

lace of brown hiking boot

Hiking boots’ lace types vary, and for each, they have different diameters peculiar to them. The lace width could vary from 0.2 inches to 0.24 inches. However, most hiking boots’ laces can be anywhere from 0.2 to 0.12.

This affects the thickness of the lace and probably the strength and durability of the lace as well. Their thickness can also affect how well they will fit your hiking boots.

Wider laces can be a bit difficult to work with because you may have a hard time knotting them in place, and they can probably come loose on the trail. In addition, they are mostly for heavy-duty use, so if you don’t have that in mind, you should not really go for laces with larger diameters.

While wider lace width may ensure more comfort, you should probably check whether they would go through your hiking boots’ eyelets or hooks. To determine which diameter would fit your hiking boots’ eyelets, you would need to measure them.

If you have your old laces, you can just take them with you. However, if you want to get a larger size, then you definitely need to measure whether the eyelets can take the lace size.

Both the length and diameter matter when getting the right lace size for your hiking boots. Here is a suggestion that you can follow based on the number of eyelets on your boots and the kind of hiking boots you have:

Type of hiking boots

Number of eyelet pairsHiking boots lace length (inches)Hiking boots lace length (centimeter)

Low-cut hiking boots

4 to 5

33 inches


Low-cut hiking boots

5 to 6

45 inches


Mid-cut hiking boots

6 to 7

54 inches


Standard hiking boots7 to 863 inches


8 inches hiking boots

8 to 9

72 inches


High-cut hiking boots

9 to 10

84 inches


High-cut hiking boots

10 to 11

96 inches


High-cut hiking boots

11 to 12

108 inches


Therefore, you can check the table above for help to determine what size laces you need for hiking boots. Choose the lace length based on the type of hiking boots you have and the number of eyelets on them.

Then, you should measure the diameter or take your old laces before setting out, so you can get the right one.


Getting the right lace hiking boots for your boots is crucial. They cannot afford to be too long or too short, so they can be very functional. However, getting the appropriate size can be a bit tricky and hectic.

When getting the lace, you need to consider the length and diameter. While the diameter may not matter much, the length does because it plays a part in determining how functional they will be on the trail.

As long as the width can go through the eyelets, that’s fine. This article discussed some of the ways you can measure the right lace for your hiking boots.

You can also check the measurement table for help. Whenever you are in doubt, you can go for brand-specific laces or longer lengths because, no matter what, they will be useful.

In addition, you should get strong and durable synthetic lace material, so you won’t need to keep changing your hiking boots’ laces.

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