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How To Wear Hiking Boots With Leggings? | 4 Ways To Mix & Match

Hiking outfits are important and people tend to wear anything on the trail, especially when they are comfortable in them. People wear skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, leggings and other types of clothes.

Many hikers know the importance of wearing comfortable clothes on the trail and how crucial it is to wear the right ones. which makes some people wonder whether they can wear leggings on the trail.

You can wear leggings on the trail, and this is one of the most common outfits hikers wear. Therefore, if you feel comfortable wearing your leggings and you want them to be more than just workout or recreation outfits, you can wear them while hiking.

Wearing leggings on the trail makes you comfortable, flexible, and prevents chafing. However, this does not mean you can wear just any leggings on the trail.

Hiking can be tough, and you need your clothes to withstand the weather and terrain, be protective, tough, and functional. Apart from that, you would need to know how to wear hiking boots with leggings on the trail.

All of these are what you get to know in this article. Do you want to know the amazing ways to wear hiking boots with leggings? Then read on to find out.

Let’s get started!

What Leggings Can You Wear With Hiking Boots?

Leggings are body-hugging and not just women get to wear them on the trail; men wear leggings as well. Like we mentioned earlier, you should not wear just any type of leggings on the trail.

Now, you may be tempted to wear the overworn leggings that you wear to sleep or for recreational activities. But what if they are not right for hiking?

Whether you want to wear your leggings as base layers or on their own, they have to be right and functional. So, what kind of leggings can you wear with hiking boots?


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One of the leggings that you can wear with hiking boots is jeggings. When you look at jeggings, they may look like denim, because they give the illusion of denim.

However, that is not what they really are. They are skinny, stretchy, and elastic, and you may not be able to tell the difference between them and jeans unless you feel or wear them.

In addition, they usually have fake pockets to further make them give off the jeans vibe. Like most jeans, they usually look blue or black and are very comfortable.

Lace hiking boots in the snow beside a yellow field

Another difference is the materials they are made of. Jeggings are a blend of denim, cotton, polyester, spandex, and sometimes rayon. One good thing about them is that they are flexible and allow for easy mobility on the trail.

Likewise, they can be breathable and moisture-wicking, which is good for summer and winter hiking. They also make you look smart on the trail.

However, the disadvantage of wearing jeggings on the trail is that they don’t have pockets. As a result, they cannot bear some of your weight.

Hiking leggings

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One of the best types of leggings you can wear on the trail is hiking leggings because they have been designed solely for that purpose.

Hiking leggings are really good for day hikes, and you could wear them for multiple-day hikes as well, but wearing something more rugged like pants would be better.

Hiking leggings usually have most of the things you need on the trail because they are somewhat different from regular everyday leggings. They are different in material, functionality, looks, features and purpose.

woman wearing yoga pants with hiking boots going hiking with her family

For example, they are often more durable and tougher than yoga pants and can withstand tough hiking situations and terrain.

They are usually made of different materials such as spandex, wool, silk, nylon, polyester, and blends of these materials. In addition, they are moisture-wicking and help to keep odor under control.

Some of them have wind blocking features and sun protection to protect you during all kinds of weather. They have functional pockets you can use on the trail, and overall, hiking leggings are super comfortable for use on the trail.

Ankle-length leggings

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Another type of legging to wear while hiking is ankle-length leggings. Like their name, they reach the ankle and are not too short or too long, like mid-calf leggings or shorter ones.

They are skin-tight, flexible, and comfortable for use on the trail. Since they are stretchy, they move as your body does and are nonrestrictive. They can go with most of the outfits you choose to wear on the trail.

outsole of hiking boots on rugged terrain

You can wear them with skirts, dresses, tees, Curtis, and more. And the good thing is that you can wear them during the summer or winter. They also make you look taller, especially if you are petite by nature.

They are usually made from cotton, nylon, or lycra, which are breathable and moisture-wicking on the trail. Due to their length, they protect the leg from the ankle area and prevent harm from getting to the leg.

Depending on how thick or tough the materials are, they can be durable and protect your legs on different terrains. However, they are not exactly tear-resistant, nor do they have functional pockets that can help with holding weight on the trail.

Wool leggings

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Wool leggings are also good for hiking on the trail. One of the most comfortable fabric materials you can hike in is wool because it is soft, cool, and moisture-wicking.

Basically, wool leggings can be any type of legging with wool material. They can be ankle-length, mid-calf, or knee-length, but what matters is their material.

But, of course, you are better off hiking in ankle-length leggings because of the protection they offer. Wool leggings are really cool for hiking during winter or cold weather because they ensure that you stay warm on the trail.

Hiking Boots Wear With Leggings

This is not to say that they are totally bad for hot weather because wool is moisture-wicking, so it can regulate your sweating so you don’t have to stay wet or cold for too long. In addition, they are also good for serving as underlayers beneath pants.

However, wool leggings are prone to fiber distortion and staining. Sometimes, they can irritate the skin and make you uncomfortable, and this is why you need to be sure you will be comfortable in them before you set out on the trail.

They also tend to absorb odors from cooking, cigarette smoke, and long-term storage. Furthermore, washing them in the washing machine causes them to shrink, and this takes a long time to clean.

Wearing less colorful wool leggings will also help to tone down the stains. But that does not take away their pocket disadvantages, because they hardly have functional pockets for the trail.

Nylon leggings

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You can also wear nylon leggings on the trail. They are durable, lightweight, and abrasion-resistant. They are just like any other type of legging, but the difference is in their materials.

They are also flexible and elastic for use on the trail and allow for easy movement.

woman walking in pink hiking boots on wooden suspension bridge

Since they are lightweight, they allow you to hike more comfortably with less weight on your body. In addition, they are fast-drying, so they won’t hold on to moisture on the trail.

They have stain resistance overtime, and as a result, mold, mildew, and stains will never appear on them.

They are good for day hiking in the sun because they dry quickly and are breathable. One problem with them is their inability to hold any weight on the trail. However, they are comfortable for easy hikes when you don’t want your outfit to add to your weight on the trail.

What Hiking Boots Can You Wear With Leggings?

women wear hiking boots with flower in the collar

Combining leggings with hiking boots is not much of a big deal because it’s almost similar to wearing pants with hiking boots. The difference is the texture and that they’re body hugging.

With that said, you can wear any type of hiking boots with leggings. Whether they are low-cut, mid-cut or high-cut, they fit leggings just right.

Depending on the length of the leggings you wear, they would stop over your hiking boots and protect your feet. In addition, you can wear them on day hiking boots, backpacking and mountaineering boots, without looking out of fashion.

Apart from looking fashionable on the trail, you should consider the functionality of the leggings and hiking boots you decide to wear based on the terrain and weather. Can they protect you from cold and moisture?

While you are after functionality, you should still look good on the trail and in the pictures you take on the trail. You can make up for that with the color of your outfit and hiking boots.

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Leggings?

While you can wear hiking boots with most hiking boots, it is good to go all the way to look good on the trail. What if you could wear your jeggings with mid-cut hiking boots? That’s not all. How should you wear hiking boots with leggings

  • Wear as base layers

woman hiker gets ankle injury due to wearing hiking boots

One nice way to wear leggings with hiking boots is to wear them as base layers. This means that you don’t wear leggings with hiking boots alone, but rather pair them with other pieces of clothing.

You could wear them with short dresses, skirts, or shorts. This helps with an extra layer of protection on the trail. You can wear this if you don’t want to wear leggings alone.

Wearing leggings with other clothes is good during the winter, especially because you can further protect yourself from the cold. It also helps accentuate your looks on the trail.

The most important thing is that you know how to combine your colors, so you don’t look weird on the trail. If you want to wear colorful dresses, shorts, or skirts, then you should wear leggings in neutral colors.

Then, pair your outfit with mid- or high-cut hiking boots and hit the trail. Don’t forget your moisture-wicking socks, and you probably want their colors to sync with your outfit so they don’t look odd.

  • Tuck leggings in hiking boots

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Another way to wear hiking boots with leggings is to tuck them in. This is one of the most common ways to wear pants with hiking boots.

Tucking your leggings into hiking boots is mostly possible when you wear leggings of long length. It is easier for you to tuck them into your hiking boots that way because they go right in.

And with the help of the socks you wear, they can stay in there throughout your hike. If the leggings are short, you can wear long socks to make up the length and cover your leg completely.

This will help protect your legs on the trail from insects, debris, cold and other elements. Tucking your leggings in makes you look smart, and depending on the other clothes you wear with them, it accentuates your looks and body.

Remember that your socks’ color should not be off and rhyme with your outfit. If you don’t care much about that, that is okay too.

  • Wear over boots

_Wear legging over Hiking Boots

You can choose not to tuck your leggings into your hiking boots and you will still look good. Instead, you can wear your leggings over hiking boots.

This is especially possible with leggings that are ankle-length, irrespective of the type that they are. Once they go beyond ankle length, you either have to tuck them in or roll them up.

With your ankle-length leggings, you can wear high or mid-cut hiking boots. The tip of the leggings stops directly on top of the edge of the hiking boots.

They may overlap if the leggings don’t fit snugly around your ankle or if the length is a few inches below your ankle. Whichever it is, you are good to go on the trail.

  • Cuff over socks

You can also wear your hiking boots by cuffing the edges over your socks or boots. You can do this, especially for long leggings or hiking leggings.

If the leggings are too tight, it may be a bit difficult to cuff them easily and leave them over the socks on the boots.

Some Noteworthy Advice When Wearing Leggings With Hiking Boots

Wearing leggings with hiking boots on the trail is not much of a big deal because it is not a bad idea. Leggings are protective and flexible, but even at that, you still have to be careful how and what you wear on the trail.

For you to be safe on the trail, some of the things you should consider are:

  • Wear moisture-wicking leggings

Girl wear hiking boots with colorful socks and skinny pants

No other fabric beats moisture-wicking fabrics on the trail. They usually come in handy, whether the weather is hot or cool. At some point, you will be bound to sweat, and clinging wet clothes can be irritating, so the best thing for them is for them to be moisture-wicking and fast-drying.

Therefore, check the material of your leggings before you set out.

  • Go for comfort

Of course, leggings are pretty and nice, and they make you look good. You probably have new leggings you want to try out on the trail because they are so nice.

That is not a bad idea, but the most important thing is that you should be comfortable wearing them. You should not sacrifice comfort for looks. They should be flexible and convenient.

The same thing goes for your hiking boots. The right fit is the best fit, and they are usually comfortable.

  • Think about functionality

women using pink hiking boots climbing on a mountain

Wearing hiking boots with leggings is all good, but the most important thing is how functional they are on the trail. Of course, you want to look good on the trail and combine your outfits.

Ensure your leggings are lightweight and breathable, and can possibly hold some of your weight. Both your leggings and hiking boots should protect your feet on the trail and not just make you look good or fashionable.


If you are comfortable wearing leggings and you want to try them on the trail, you can do that, and you can wear them with your hiking boots. Wear jeggings, ankle-length, wool, nylon, or hiking leggings with your hiking boots.

You can also wear them in certain ways to look good on the trail as well as protect your feet. What you should keep in mind when wearing hiking boots with leggings is their functionality and comfort.

Of course, looks matter, especially if you intend to take snapshots for social media, but your protection matters more on the trail. Whichever way you decide to combine leggings with your hiking boots, they should fit the weather and hiking terrain.

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